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Speexx, the intelligent language learning platform, continues to release more exciting updates to create the most personalized and engaging digital language learning experience.  

Speexx now provides promotional landing pages where you can show your employees what you can offer them through new branded templates. The coach portal has also undergone a makeover and now includes a new and improved dashboard to see everything you need in one place. A 2-step login process has also been added to improve the user authentication process. 

Learn more about new features Speexx is exploring by checking out the website for more feature updates!   

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How to gain and retain top talent  

The heat is on for companies to find the best people and demand is high for the brightest talent. What’s more, by 2030, Gen Z will represent 30% of the global workforce. 

Speexx has a new double infographic bundle on attracting and keeping the best candidates, and making interview processes inclusive for Gen Z applicants. 

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Advance and enhance your business with languages + learn some new HR idioms 

Language learning makes teams smarter, more creative, better problem solvers, and smoother communicators. Corporate language training programs have even been proven to positively impact salary and career progression. 

Speexx has a new ebook on why businesses should embrace the benefits of language learning. The pack also includes an infographic of 20 top idioms for HR professionals. It’s time to put your thinking cap on! 

Get the ebook + bonus infographic here

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