Speexx – The New Normal

Speexx – is the New Normal

Speexx, the intelligent language learning platform, is once again releasing exciting updates to create the most personalized and engaging digital language learning experience for you. 

Speexx is making your language learning journey more personal with new updates around personalization in the product and prioritizing customization.

Enjoy new ways to customize your learning journey by creating a personalized learning experience in your activity feed using company-specific topics or even curated content from Speexx. 

Now you can include your company-specific glossary in the Speexx Vocabulary Trainer. With this new integration, you can either incorporate specific vocabulary lists or choose from comprehensive word lists for topics such as HR, automotive, finance, healthcare, and more.

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Shaping Digital Adoption for HR and L&D Professionals 

It’s essential for HR and L&D professionals to respond correctly to the challenges regarding readiness, technology, and tools we’ve experienced within the past year. Learning how to understand and utilize tools and technologies effectively will help improve the overall progress of your organization.  

As learning professionals, developing adaptable practices and improving existing ones will increase productivity during tough times and ultimately lead to more innovative digital adoption.

How we increase workflow and productivity depends on how adaptive we are to adopting and leveraging new digital strategies. Read more on our blog to learn about how to use new methods of learning and working to improve and shape better digital adoption for HR and L&D.

Check out the blog post Shaping Digital Adoption for HR and L&D Professionals to help you shape better digital adoption in your organization.

How to Approach Human-Centered Leadership for HR and L&D

Due to the changes within the last year, digital transformation, workforce transformation, new ways of working all seem to be making more of an appearance in our personal and professional lives. 

In a post-pandemic world, we have seen a clear and urgent need for robust and supportive leadership. The time has come to reexamine company culture and prioritize employees’ psychological desires as humans. 

Tapping into the existing talent pool to unify teams and pull through these challenging times can be difficult, and some may lose sight of the human aspect of things.

The question is, how do we address these modern challenges as leaders to keep talent engaged? Read the Speexx blog post How to Approach Human-Centered Leadership for HR and L&D to see why you should consider a more human-centered approach for your business.   

Increasing Human Connection in Digital Learning through Coaching

Join Alessia Messuti (Learning Innovation Programme Officer at the International Training Centre for the ILO) and Atish Gonsalves (Founder of Gamoteca) for a Masterclass Webinar on increasing human connection in digital learning through coaching. 

This exciting session will highlight just how crucial human connection is during the learning process. The webinar will also include real-world examples of simulations and peer-to-peer online learning experiences.

This webinar will show precisely how to slow down and record real-time interactions in a way that promotes reflection, levels the playing field, and helps learners develop necessary digital relationship skills. On top of that, the webinar will be interactive and include the opportunity to try out your coaching skills through a fun and gamified experience.

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The Importance of Providing Employee Feedback

It is essential to give employees feedback on how they are performing and learning so that they can continue to improve. Well-being also has a significant role to play when to comes to employee feedback. To make employees feel more engaged while also having a more positive impact on productivity, employees need to know what they are excelling at and what needs improvement.

In the digital world we live in today, formalizing feedback and achievements is increasingly beneficial to business. However, it may be easier for employees to feel isolated while working and learning in such an online environment. 

That being said, it is more important than ever to show employees that they are noticed and that their work is being recognized as an essential part of progressing towards personal goals and expanding business objectives.

Check out the Speexx whitepaper Providing Employee Feedback Communication, Recognition and Motivation to see how a well-thought-out feedback strategy can lead to faster growth and better employee performance.

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