Speexx f- The New Normal

Speexx, the intelligent language learning platform, has recently released some exciting product updates to meet the new requirements of the remote/digital workplace. 

Some of the product updates include a whole new virtual classroom experience powered by Speexx RTC™, Speexx Excellence Level (the first complete resource that combines digital language skills training with professional development coaching), as well as Milestone Tests.

Speexx also meets WCAG 2.2 accessibility compliance, offering a better learning experience, regardless of ability. You can find out more about each of these features here!

How to Improve Your Virtual Classroom Experience

While some companies were already familiar with digital learning and training methods before the pandemic, others found making the switch from face-to-face to digital learning even more challenging. For this reason, Speexx invited virtual classrooms expert, Jo Cook, to share her expertise in an exclusive webinar. You can watch the full webinar here and get practical tips on how to turn your virtual classrooms into an effective learning solution for the future! Speexx also took a deeper look into where to start when it comes to online training in the blog post, The Biggest Points Missed When Delivering Online Training for Your Workforce.

Speexx: The First Digital Language Training Provider on the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning

Speexx has earned a place on the 2021 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning. The Fosway 9-Grid™ is an esteemed, unique market analysis model that demystifies supplier decisions for European corporate buyers in the fields of HR, talent, and learning. Read more to discover why Speexx was awarded this honor as the first and only digital language training provider to secure a spot.

Speexx: The First TISAX-Certified Learning Provider

With most of the world now working remotely, having the proper certifications for processes, IT standards, and cloud services is even more critical to ensure that security measures are being met. For this reason, Speexx has gained the TISAX® certification, advancing the company towards some of the highest levels of information security and GDPR compliance. “We are proud to be the first global digital learning platform to achieve the TISAX participant status. This international standard clearly supports our strategy to provide large-scale infrastructure and digital learning services to our enterprise customers worldwide,” says Felix Frankenberger, Data Protection Officer at Speexx.

Well-Being in the Digital Workplace

Speexx recently hosted a Masterclass Webinar with Montserrat Ventosa – VP of International Expansion at Universidad Tecmilenio. Montserrat is a workplace well-being expert specializing in cross-functional go-to-market strategies that encompass sales, marketing, and learner success for new markets. In this Masterclass, Montserrat discussed five strategies that HR and L&D professionals can adopt to raise well-being in their organizations and drive improvements in workforce resilience levels, commitment to excellence, positive emotions and positive relationships.

For more insights on how you can drive and monitor well-being in the digital workplace, check out the recording here.

Learning to the Power of 3

For those passionate about HR and L&D data, Speexx has also released the results of the Speexx Exchange Survey. The Speexx survey was conducted between October 2020 and February 2021 among over 300 HR and L&D professionals and senior management roles across 186 organizations from the USA, Europe, Middle East/UAE, Australia, Africa/Asia. These were equally split between SME and large corporations.

The results show interesting findings regarding the acceleration of digital transformation and the main factors impacting it, as well as the challenges that HR and L&D are facing following the 2020 pandemic. The survey report is available for free here.

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