The Artifact for Changing Tap Water to Disinfectant —— Cleanbao C-30A Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant Generator


Can tap water change disinfectant in seconds? This fantasy has come true! In order to meet the needs of normalized and continuous disinfection, by connecting the Cleanbao C-30A chlorine dioxide disinfectant generator which is independently developed and produced by Shanghai Cleanbao Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yuanda-llongwill (stock code: 430511) to ordinary tap water pipes, users could obtain the disinfectant just by turning on the tap. The disinfectant is instantly accessible, low-cost, and non-toxic, harmless, and residue-free. It is the preferred disinfection equipment for companies, schools (kindergartens), medical institutions, restaurants, and hotels.

Function Description

Safe and efficient chlorine dioxide disinfectant can be produced by turning on the tap after connecting the Cleanbao C-30A Chlorine Dioxide disinfectant Generator to the water pipe. Each set of special raw materials can prepare about 1000L chlorine dioxide disinfectant with a concentration of 100mg/L, and the cost is only a few cents/L. Chlorine dioxide disinfectant can be used for washing, wiping, soaking and spraying, and can effectively kill viruses and bacteria attached to the surface of hands, soles, tableware, clothing, door handles, floors, furniture, vehicles, etc., which fully meets the needs of disinfection and epidemic prevention for enterprises and schools


Dimensions: 46×33×12.5(cm) Rated Voltage: AC 220V/110V

Optional with automatic induction hand disinfector and sole disinfector

Authoritative testing

Chlorine dioxide disinfectant is an internationally recognized new generation of powerful, broad-spectrum, safe and efficient disinfectant, which has been listed as Class A1 safe disinfectant by the World Health Organization (WHO). Chlorine dioxide disinfection solution can rapidly and completely kill various bacteria (e.g. E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, fungi, mold, pneumococcus, etc.) and viruses (e.g. poliovirus, influenza virus, hepatitis virus, HFMD virus, norovirus, etc.). Its oxidability is 2.63 times that of chlorine, and its sterilizing power is 8-10 times that of 84 disinfectant. The latest research proves that chlorine dioxide can effectively kill the COVID-19 (see link at the end of this article). Cleanbao C-30A chlorine dioxide disinfectant generator conforms to the EU “Technical Coordination and Standardization of New Method” directive and has obtained the EU CE Certification.

User Directory

In the past six years, Yuanda Cleanbao has provided professional and systematic disinfection solutions for more than 100 schools, hospitals and other public places. According to user application reports in recent years, the disinfection effect of chlorine dioxide is very ideal. We can provide you with professional sterilization equipment and services.

The latest research results of chlorine dioxide for killing COVID-19

Can chlorine dioxide prevent the spreading of coronavirus or other viral infections?

Cleanbao C-30A chlorine dioxide disinfectant generator has obtained EU CE certification

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