The importance of equipping your laboratory with the appropriate material.

Optimizing education by incorporating specialized equipment is a perfect strategy to improve the understanding of theoretical concepts. This type of equipment offers practical experiences to students, promoting their creativity and ability to solve problems.

An efficient laboratory in a university or training school improves student performance and understanding of all concepts in a simple and fast way, in addition to allowing students to learn in a practical way that prepares them for the future, improving efficiency in the training stage.

At EDIBON we understand the importance of a complete and personalized laboratory, which is why we offer tailored solutions.

The process of determining what equipment is needed in a laboratory at an educational centre (university, technical school, etc.) may vary depending on the area, university, or educational level. But normally the steps to follow are as follows:

  1. The specific curriculum is analyzed to identify the areas that need to be covered, as well as the practices and experiments necessary to meet the educational objectives.
  • We consulted experts and professionals in the sector, who have been applying this method for some time.
  • We analyze the industry to determine the training needs of students to fill vacant jobs once they complete their studies.
  • We evaluate the facilities where the equipment will be housed, access, necessary supplies, space, etc., also taking into account the resources already available in the laboratory. We also consider available space, electrical infrastructure, and safety requirements.
  • Once the equipment needs are identified, we can begin to define the equipment that could be adjusted based on the existing budget and the educational level required.

At EDIBON we help design the laboratory from the first phase, offering a complete service and monitoring to achieve the most appropriate configuration for the client’s particular needs, under the advice of our R&D department. In addition, it should be noted that all EDIBON laboratories can be expanded with exclusive expansions of our own development.

If you want to evaluate your laboratory or incorporate new training equipment for your centre, do not hesitate to contact EDIBON:


Edibon is a worldwide benchmark company with 40 years of experience teaching engineering and technical education equipment. Our strategy based on continuous Research and Development (R&D) allows us to have more than 4,000 products developed and designed by us, manufactured with the most advanced technology and complying with international quality standards. Thanks to our human resources and their knowledge, we can offer a personalized and comprehensive service that covers the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and advice of all our products, thus guaranteeing success and satisfaction to our customers.

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