The importance of Pilot Plants for the study of renewable energies: CO2 Capture and Green Hydrogen

Renewable energy studies have intensified in recent years due to awareness of climate change and dependence on fossil fuels. In this context, we are more aware of CO2 capture and green hydrogen as a hope for a more sustainable future.

But how can we study these areas to test their feasibility without investing large budgets or resources? The solution to this problem are the pilot plants.

The Pilot Plant is a small-scale process plant designed to obtain information that can be used in industrial-scale processes. They allow us to see the feasibility of industrial-scale designs and processes, thus reducing the initial investment cost.


Green hydrogen production is a promising path to a sustainable energy future.

EDIBON has detected the great potential of using green hydrogen in the future. Thanks to their great experience in the educational sector, they have developed different pilot plants and equipment that allow their study and demonstrate their technical principles of operation.

Pilot plants are the perfect resource for advancing this energy because they simulate realistic but controlled operating conditions. This allows scientists to refine processes and improve conversion efficiency.


CO2 capture has become a key area of research to mitigate climate change. Pilot plants play a crucial role because they allow the feasibility to be studied on a small scale, before scaling up to industrial levels.

In the field of CO2 capture, pilot plants are also essential to assess the economic viability of technologies.

EDIBON is the developer of the pilot plants for CO2 capture of the MOF4AIR project.

This project, promoted by the European Commission, brought together researchers from more than 25 different countries (not all of them belonging to the European Union) and EDIBON, a Pilot Plants manufacturer, to carry out tests to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Pilot Plants developed by EDIBON were implemented in 3 of the most polluting companies on the continent. After a few weeks of analysis, these pilot plants showed that the CO2 reduction was very significant. If you want to know more about this project, you can visit the progress on EDIBON’s website.

Thanks to the pilot plants, we obtained incredible data that will change the current conception of both CO2 capture and Green Hydrogen.

Investment in these pilot plants is essential to unlock the full potential of renewable technologies and pave the way for an era of clean, environmentally friendly energy.


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