The key to success in technical research and training: quality equipment and materials.

An efficient laboratory in a university or training school improves students’ performance and understanding of all concepts in a simple and fast way. In addition, it allows students to learn in a fully practical way that prepares them for the future by improving efficiency and effectiveness in the training stage.

In the world of research and technical training, the quality of equipment and materials plays a fundamental role. In this sense, opting for quality products manufactured in Spain is not only a profitable choice but also an endorsement of excellence and precision.

At EDIBON we are proud to have our own design and manufacturing equipment, with the best materials on the market and an excellent after-sales service. We manufacture all our equipment in our factories in Spain, always supervised by our experts and with the best quality materials.

We are very demanding so that you receive the best possible result.

In addition, all of our products carry quality certifications and warranties, backing their performance and durability. This approach not only gives our customers confidence but also validates our commitment to excellence at every stage of production. Proof of this are the certifications we hold, applicable to design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. You can consult them all on our website:

When it comes to research and technical training, investment in quality equipment and materials is the key to success. By choosing our products, you are not only opting for the cutting edge of technology but also for the hallmark of quality.

After more than 45 years of experience, EDIBON is delighted to be able to continue offering solutions for quality education to training centres and universities all over the world.


Edibon is a worldwide benchmark company with 40 years of experience teaching engineering and technical education equipment. Our strategy based on continuous Research and Development (R&D) allows us to have more than 4,000 products developed and designed by us, manufactured with the most advanced technology and complying with international quality standards. Thanks to our human resources and their knowledge, we can offer a personalized and comprehensive service that covers the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and advice of all our products, thus guaranteeing success and satisfaction to our customers.

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Beatriz Bonilla García 

EDIBON International, S.A