The third generation of Soldamatic: Soldamatic IE

Soldamatic IE is the third generation Soldamatic platform, it is the first welding training solution powered with Augmented Reality (AR) in the world.

With more than 750 clients in more than 50 countries, Soldamatic applies new technologies like AR to enhance the learning process and uses real welding equipment to develop skills and muscle memory.

It implements gamification to improve the motivation of trainees, personalized learning to adapt to their personal needs and green & safe technology to reduce the risks for newcomers and pollution.

Soldamatic IE is a turnkey welding training solution, it applies the Augmented Training methodology, proposing a new educational paradigm. It is a dynamic and flexible model, which allows instructors to easily manage different courses with numerous students, regardless of their level of knowledge and/or learning pace.

The new flexible software subscription system fully adapts to the market and focuses on their different needs, offering three licenses:


Attract the new generation of young people to welding, train them better, safer, faster and reducing costs. Includes 5 Education Welding Joints, the most used joints in welding training and certification worldwide.


Bridge the gap with Industry, train in AR with competition multi-joints and different industry applications. Includes Advanced Welding Multijoints, developed for International Welding Competition and different industries.


Improve the productivity of the real welding operations on the field and reduce failure rate in industry recertification processes. Includes Industrial Welding Multijoints, made to meet customer specific training and performance needs

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Leonardo Hermoso

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