Two ways to maximize future wind turbine technicians’ employability

Training excellence is key to successful onboarding in the wind power industry. How can technical schools maximize students’ employability?

1. Align curriculum with a recognized industry standard.

This increases the relevance of training content to industry requirements. Which standard, then? More than 20 years ago, BZEE developed the world’s leading vocational training standard for wind turbine technicians. With its global network of training providers, BZEE has successfully trained more than 4,000 entry-level technicians for the wind industry. An advisory board regularly updates the BZEE Standard to meet current industry needs.

Today, the BZEE Standard is taught on five continents through the BZEE Network. The BZEE certification gives a competitive edge to licensed schools and, more importantly, graduates seeking job opportunities.

2. Improve practical training facilities.

Another way to promote training excellence is by ensuring that workshops and labs offer sufficient hands-on, realistic experimentation opportunities. Students need to develop their expertise in critical technical areas, such as the fundamentals of wind technology and the hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical systems of wind turbines.

This is where practical learning solutions from Festo Didactic come in. In particular, its fully interactive, scaled-down commercial wind turbine nacelle has prepared students for real-world operation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and connection to the power grid in a safe, hands-on environment since 2010. Courses on the digital portal Festo LX guide students through the study and practical experimentation.

Technical schools are critical to the energy transition.

The return on investment in wind farms depends mainly on the availability of a skilled workforce capable of installing, operating, and repairing wind turbines. You can enhance your training concept by leveraging the complementary expertise of BZEE and Festo Didactic: Visit

The wind turbine nacelle was selected as an official competition equipment for the Renewable Energy competition at WorldSkills Special Edition 2022.

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