Unveiling the WorldSkills Museum

The WorldSkills Museum is a unique endeavor. This new museum is the first of its kind, dedicated entirely to highlighting vocational skills. This exhibition aims is to narrate the compelling story of skills and skilled workers. Visitors are given the opportunity to delve into the past, navigate the present, and envision where the future can take us. The collaborative efforts of  WorldSkills International and WorldSkills China made this museum a reality. Situated along the banks of the Huangpu River in Shanghai, China, the museum finds its home in a meticulously restored Wing On textile storehouse.

What awaits you at the WorldSkills Museum?

Embark on an immersive journey through the world of skills at this museum. The museum offers both an educational and explorative experience to understand how skills change worlds. Gain powerful insights into the importance of skills for fostering innovation, driving economic prosperity, and ensuring a sustainable future. Engage with interactive digital resources and investigate tangible artifacts contributed by WorldSkills International, WorldSkills Members, competitors, private collections, experts, and esteemed Global Partners like Studica.

A dedicated section celebrates the WorldSkills movement, displaying trophies and medals from competitions held since 1950. Here you can discover the origins, growth, and global expansion of this remarkable organization committed to enhancing our world through the transformative power of skills. Enjoy personal narratives that clearly illustrate the profound impact this organization has had on participants lives. With over eight hundred items on display in this expansive 2,500-square-meter space, the museum provides the visitor with a robust experience.

Spotlight on Mobile Robotics

Studica is takes pride as one of the Global Partners featured in this exhibition. Our association with WorldSkills starts with the 43rd WorldSkills Competition held in São Paulo, Brazil in 2015. We are honored to serve as both a Global Partner of WorldSkills and the official exclusive supplier of the WorldSkills Autonomous Robotics Competition for the Lyon 2024 and Shanghai 2026 events. Our contributions to the museum encompass the engaging Studica Robotics Waste Management video game, the complete set of components featured in the WorldSkills Shanghai 2022 Mobile Robotics Collection, and a mobile robot crafted from that particular competition.

In response to the pandemic and control restrictions in China, the WorldSkills Shanghai 2022 competition underwent a transformation, evolving into the WorldSkills 2022 Special Edition Mobile Robotics competition hosted in Bordeaux. The WorldSkills organization demonstrated exceptional efforts to make that competition a success, and we look forward to the competition returning to Shanghai in 2026. The Competition Collection includes essential components such as the Studica VMX Robotics Controller for WorldSkills, the Servo Power Block, and the Titan Quad Motor Controller. With over 1500 components ranging from electronics, motors, and servos to U-Channel, mounting plates, brackets, beams, gears, sprockets, pulleys, axles, slides, rack & pinion, wheels, bushings, bearings, couplings, collars, spacers, screws, nuts, standoffs, and various accessories. The challenge presented was to design mobile robots aimed at assisting medical staff in a hospital setting. Explore further details of the competition and its outcomes

About Studica Robotics

Studica Robotics develops and manufactures a complete Robotics Building System made up of mechanical structure, electronics, controllers, sensors, software, and training material that is used in education, in robotics competitions around the world, research, and for prototyping.

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We offer a variety of structure and motion components, electronics, hardware, and building kits; you’ll find everything you need to build and empower your robot with cutting-edge capabilities. Discover your true building potential with Studica Robotics. 

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