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The VRTEX 360 Compact virtual reality welding trainer provides students with an immersive, multi-sensory, experience in a safe and controlled environment.  It sustains student interest by adding highly realistic visual and auditory components to the traditional classroom teaching model. 

Virtual welding training can be smarter, faster and more efficient with Lincoln Electric’s Virtual welding simulator, the VRTEX® 360 Compact virtual reality trainer.

“The VRTEX 360 Compact trainer has all of the features that make it ideal for virtual welding labs or classroom use” says Lincoln Electric Product Manager Denise Sirochman.  “Thanks to its small footprint, it’s easy to install multiple units.  We offer bundles of up to 20 units, enabling schools to accelerate welding training by providing each student with their own trainer.  Eliminating shared machines speed up classroom rotation, allowing instructors to teach all students the same thing at the same time.  This promotes advanced learning, quicker certification and more highly skilled welders entering the workforce.” Each unit features the ability for student reporting, which allows instructors to track students’ progress.

The VRTEX 360 Compact trainer assists welding students by building confidence and proficiency as they safely train in various virtual situations and orientations with instant coaching on their welds.  The system helps instructors with software features that provide a built-in tutor for each student with the ability to set tolerances to the user’s ability.  Virtual reality training also provides healthy cost savings in consumables.

Available only on Lincoln Electric’s VRTEX virtual reality welding training systems, the feature add on of Oxy-fuel cutting enables users to experience torch cutting in a virtual environment.  Lincoln Electric engineers designed every aspect of the thermal oxy-fuel cutting feature to address real-world cutting applications-from setting up the torch to executing the cut. To request more information about the VRTEX 360 Compact Trainer, visit https://www.lincolnelectric.com/en/Education/Contact-us

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