Welcome Klapp GmbH – a New Gold Member from Switzerland

Klapp GmbH is a company that specializes in providing a unique Software as a Service solution for educational institutions. Their primary focus is revolutionizing school communication by streamlining and centralizing information flows within these institutions. Klapp’s platform offers a holistic approach to enhancing communication within school communities (but not only!) by enabling them to reach all relevant contact groups efficiently.

Some of the key features and services they offer include:

  • Reporting Absences: Klapp’s system makes it easy to report absences, and this information is made visible to all responsible teachers and parents in real time, ensuring prompt and effective communication regarding student attendance.
  • Centralized Calendars: They provide centralized calendars that include all relevant school dates and events, making it convenient for stakeholders to stay informed and plan accordingly.
  • Surveys with Multiple Options: Klapp facilitates creating and distributing surveys with multiple options, making it easy for educational institutions to gather feedback and input from their school communities.
  • Bidirectional Communication: Klapp’s platform supports bidirectional communication, ensuring that information can flow smoothly and interactively when required, fostering efficient and effective interactions between schools, teachers, parents, and students.

    In essence, Klapp GmbH simplifies and enhances school interactions by offering a comprehensive communication solution tailored to the needs of educational institutions.