WEBINAR: Digital Learning and Training (DLT)

– Myth and Reality under Stress-test

What works and what should and could work given the need under Covid-19 Outbreak

April 23rd, 2 pm – 3 pm CEST

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Dr. Nader Imani, Executive Vice President Global Education at Festo Didactic SE. Nader has been supportive of digital transformation of Festo Didactic learning solutions starting from early 90’s in all areas of TVET secondary and tertiary educations sectors; he is currently the acting Vice-President of Worlddidac Association.


  1. Mrs. Gaëlle Girardeau,  CEO and Founder of www.cood.fr, France.
    Gaëlle has been successfully launching COOD.fr as a start-up offering support for teachers and parents of K-12 students to teach coding on internet using gamification. COOD is currently considered by Education organizations in France as support for teaching of students during the confinement.
  2. Mr. Juha Merinen, CEO SMART Internationalization Oy, Finland.
    Juha is an experienced executive and international sales strategist with over 30 years hands-on experience in competence development, advancement and management of business development and expansion operations in a range of sectors including ICT, Education, MedTech and Software.
  3. Prof. Dr. Ilario Astinov, Head of Faculty of Media Technology, TU Sofia, Bulgaria.
    Illario is Associate Professor, leading teaching and research actives of Technical University developing digital learning solutions, leveraging cognitive skills of learners in different sectors of engineering science.